Learning from actions

Why is it that we never learn from other people’s mistakes or actions?

As I struggle to have a conference in my village, many people give me advice and suggestions which I really appreciate because it shows their concern. Yet, I sometimes feel torn because at this point in life, my way of doing things is very different from theirs. Plus, our backgrounds are different even if our struggles are similar. And so, I’m not sure if I should follow theirs or mine?

Am I being naiive then to still follow my whims? Sometimes, it’s better to learn from our own actions–even if they turn into mistakes. Or maybe, it’s just my tendency to somehow always choose the path less-travelled. Unfortunately, I don’t trust conventional paths. They’re paved and smooth but I don’t feel they lead to the change, the happiness that I seek.

I’m not wearing the ‘rebel’ tag by choice but only because my actions seem to match the definition of a rebel. I am just me and I can’t be anyone else. I don’t want to.


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