Monthly Archives: January 2010

I had a very touching conversation with a school teacher just now. I told him how angry I was that my good intention and my work was being opposed by people who didn’t understand it. I told him how I am looking for other villages to continue my work and he stopped me. He said:

“Please don’t do that. You have given me so much knowledge on how to become a good teacher. I have changed myself so much in the last year because of you. Whatever feedback you give me, I take it so seriously. I am a changed person now and you can ask the students. And I feel that the students connect more with me now. I am like their friend. Even if one person is inspired by your TEDxShekhavati event, then your event is worth it. It will take ages to change this society because they resist change out of fear. But don’t cancel your TEDx event. Do it just for me if you have to. But know that many people are touched by your work, your courage.”

And then…you are left speechless. There’s not much to say. Maybe a but of guilt feeling that I was getting carried away in my anger. The human in me starts showing its side somedays.


— Blogging from Fatehpur Shekhavati, India