Tragedy of the young

Why do we focus on the youth as our ray of hope? Don’t take me wrong; I don’t completely disagree with the notion but I am not sure why we think that action can only be taken in our younger years? I remember Anil Gupta of IIM talking about a 70-year-old man creating a special bicycle for himself (at the age of 70!) so he could continue delivering his goods during floods. Truth is, you’re never too old to act and to inspire others to do great things.

Who are these young people who most of us have handed our future to?  We know from experience that we spend many years of our youth lost and experimenting. It takes us years to learn and to see our mistakes. Do we have the maturity in those young years to realise the weight of the change on our shoulders?

We are shaped by our experiences and globalisation has given us great gifts but has also confused many.

When I meet young people who are so polarised in their views (patriotism or religion), it saddens me. When you fight with anger and bitterness, you cannot be open in the discussion. I, for one, do not want MY future to be in the hands of such people. Young people need the right guidance so they can become the torch-bearers but that still doesn’t take the responsibility away from the older people. The wisdom that comes with learning can never be seen in a young person. Age has a different way of teaching but my only hope is that the youth grow out of differences based on gender, religion, race etc and try to rise above the differences to see how we can work together as humans.

  1. I think the impression of dependency on youth, is actually a subtle persuasion by the older generation to encourage them towards the greater good. Morals can be bred and instilled by the teacher, but the modus operandi is eventually often left to the student.

  2. What a great point. I agree entirely. Particularly in India where age has always been revered, I wonder when we lost that path and began to chase youth. I am all for encouraging youth, but old age isnt really the end of the road.

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