Monthly Archives: October 2010

Much has been written about Niqabitches–the two girls in their 20s who decided to walk the Parisian streets in hot pants and niqab, in their form of protest against the banning of the face-veil called ‘Niqab’.

After watching the video, the first words out of my mouth were: What’s the point?

While I appreciate their concern and the willingness to make their opinions known, I am not sure how are they enriching the discussion. One of my Twitter friends said that ‘at least they started a dialogue’. Really? Where? Are people really asking the right questions after watching the video?

As someone who wears a burkha, I did not see the point of wearing a niqab over bare legs. The point of hijab/niqab is that it shouldn’t draw attention to your body. So maybe, I lack humour in this regard, but I really don’t understand their message. If they are making one point (Look at our niqab!), they are contradicting the same by showing legs.

Also: what’s so liberating about calling yourself a bitch? Niqabitches, really?

For now, I will give them the benefit-of-doubt to see if they return with a stronger message than a visual. Until then, I prefer someone who innovates a more intelligent way of enriching the dialogue.