In Dhaka, Bangladesh

It’s been an interesting day in Dhaka. After a long journey from
London with the connecting flight being a little congested with its
seats, Tauqeer and I were eager to see how different the place looked
like. While landing, we could muddy water-like patches and then dense
greenery in the middle of huts. Lots of canals here and
there–probably man-made.

I’m a little disappointed at the way the team, who should have
organised the teaching space and schedule, was clueless. We had aimed
to teach two 8DAs but even if we can do one and organise a small TEDx
and teach English, I’d consider this trip successful.

Tomorrow, I head out near the slums and into the school, so fingers crossed!

Btw, advice of the day by three 13-year-old kids: “Don’t go anywhere
without us because there is a big risk of being kidnapped. No part of
Bangladesh is safe.”

Really? I wonder what others think.

1 comment
  1. Amiya Atahar said:

    True, it’s not very safe, but not too dangerous if you know your way around. šŸ™‚ A belated welcome to Dhaka!

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