Monthly Archives: August 2011

One of the greatest injustices we are committing as grown-ups/adults is that we are not thinking enough about the legacy that we are leaving behind. After Globalisation, the next big sham is Individualism. To think for one self and to take each day as it comes–these are the morale boosters we are injected with. How wrong we are.

As humans, we have always been social animals. We had to fend for families and communities; this is how we protected their future too. These days, there’s such an emphasis on an individual and his/her accomplishments, dreams and needs that even if they go against a collective society, we don’t see anything wrong with it.

This ‘to each his own’ culture has left a big impact on children. The number of ‘messed up’ children we see these days is heart-breaking. The parents are in their own world; there is no sense of family values, protection and to behave as elders. This is natural instinct: to protect the younger ones and these days, the tide flows in the opposite direction.

I read a quote a few days back that said something along the lines that ‘To be a good ancestor is our greatest responsibility.’ How true. Do you act for yourself or for your children’s and grand-children’s generations? With so many uninspired young minds, there can never be the social change that we seek. Instead of letting the teen anger grow, why not utilise that in a constructive dialogue? If we all felt responsible for our communities, we would live in a better world. Incidents like the London Riots 2011 wouldn’t happen. It is a disgrace for the UK to see such violence by idle minds who were rebels without a cause. Well, unless free shopping is considered a cause in your book.

Let’s save these aimless children or our societies would be a lost cause.