Monthly Archives: December 2011

A few years back, I remember a conversation with a friend about re-inventing lives. It’s an irony of our times when we seek ‘re-invention’ at the age of 24. During the course of that conversation, we discussed the importance of personal branding. I was convinced that I must re-invent myself with a new website and speaking arrangements and focus myself as someone following a passion. First, I thought I will focus on environment but then I realised it didn’t ‘click’. As embarassing as it is to blog about it, but I must share this. I am sure that there are many like me. Some can look back and see how foolish all this was. Many haven’t reached this point yet; they revel in their branding bubble.

Personal branding as a concept needs to re-invent itself. We cannot put ourselves in a box and then decorate the box in fancy ways to sell it. In the pressure to sell the box by making it look fancy, we have forgotten to give thought to the content of the box! Who wants a crappy gift in a fancy box? The box has such a short attention-span and also, no one really cares about it.

My blunt tongue cannot find a nicer way to say this, so here it goes: I feel that we are in a marketplace, surrounded by shallow morons who have nothing real to offer. Everybody buys boxes because they like what it looks like and some buy boxes because they see others buying it. Every other person is trying to be an expert in everything. It is so difficult to find quality these days. Not even great brands can guarantee quality.

What happened to following the heart? What happened to having strong values and being a refined individual? What happened to recognising talent and giving it the recognition it deserves? 

People seem interested in what their image is to others. But sooner or later, the shallowness makes itself apparent. Please stop this personal brand nonsense and just think outside this and try to be more real, relevant and long-lasting. Rumi is remembered more than 700 years after his death; how many people in our age will be remembered a century from now (let alone 700+ years)? Is your legacy a fancy webpage with a ‘cool’ layout or a FB page with 3,000 friends who don’t really care? These things can aid, but not produce the impact that our world needs.

We live in such forgettable times, among the prostitutes who have nothing real to sell.