when Anger gives birth

I’m filling out a form. It asks me “What is the inspiration for what you do?”

I started to make a numbered list of the more obvious ones on my mind. But then, something struck me. I try to avoid using words such as ‘hate’ and ‘anger’ but I noticed that I had used the word ‘anger’ twice.

I wondered if that would be suitable to admit on the forms. When I thought about those moments, I realised that nothing else defines them better than ‘anger’. But I turned that anger into inspiration. Instead of dwelling on the negative, I used it to turn my life around.

First was the anger during the 2008 Bombay terrorist attack incident. I remember sitting in the early hours of morning, watching TV helplessly and feeling this anger take over me. When I tried to understand my anger, there was a profound realisation: I had no right to be angry if I did not DO anything constructive about the world around me.

And this anger gave birth to the 8-Day Academy.

When I watched this talk by Shirin Juwaley today, it made me angry. The hypocrisy in our society and the narrow-mindedness of our people are enough to make anyone hopeless. I then asked myself, “How can I channel this anger into something positive?” That is the only way to make the anger to go away.

I made some notes for my TEDxShekhavati preparation. I know that this frustration will give birth to something more positive. I cannot wait to see what happens! 

1 comment
  1. Mita Ray said:

    I cannot wait to see what happens either! You go, girl…

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