The road to Jerusalem

By now, I should have been back from Jerusalem.


[PS: Yes, we are back. But you can read on anyways.]

It was the first time ever that I was to set foot on that soil. I am writing this in advance to satisfy all those people who think that we would not return.

For Tauqeer and I, this trip is incredibly special, not only because it marks an item off my bucket list (which I haven’t fully compiled till now) but it also gives us the chance to interact with many types of people who we couldn’t have thought of before. Any other trip to Jerusalem wouldn’t be the same without the valuable lessons and learnings we are to take from the people.

When we talk about the unknown, fear becomes a constant companion. There have been many ‘advising’ us not to go; many emotional blackmails, many who did not even want to consider this as an opportunity because they stopped thinking when we said ‘Jerusalem’ or ‘Israel’ or ‘Palestine’.

One of the most important things I have learnt in life is to value a rare opportunity. To take this opportunity is not easy–it comes with fights and sacrifices. It has happened before and I was expecting it to happen now.

I am excited for what Jerusalem will be like. I feel it will be a life-changing experience–something that will teach us a new way of looking at life. I want to feel grateful and humble. Also: why are we so privileged as to not experience the uncertainty of the people who live in that area? We have such deep fear to live someone else’s reality.

I am timing this post for a day after we should land. If for whatever unfortunate reason, we don’t, then I just want you to know that I didn’t have any premonition, dream or inkling of what will lie before us. I am going there with an open mind; I want to be known in our future generation as someone who took the step towards knowledge instead of someone up who gave up as a rotten vegetable.

No, if I wouldn’t have gone to Jerusalem, this would have happened to me anyways. We believe in fate and we believe in Allah and we tell everyone: “This was destined, what can you do?” So why don’t we believe it when it comes to us?

Whatever happens, I am happy. I have the best family and the kindest soulmate.



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