Exploring Fear

I have been thinking about fear.

I was intriduced to Burning Man last year and ever since, a part of me tilts precariously twards it. I really wonder what it will bring to my life. I met two friends a few days back who are veteran burners and I posed this question to them: “Is Burning Man really life-changing?”

They said, “No.” But. “For people who carry a lot of fear, it is.”

I felt something that moment but unsure of what it was. I let the moment pass.

Today, while seeing a friend’s FB photos, I noticed one of her friends dressed very flamboyant. Outrageously flamboyant. It made me feel very uncomfortable. A man with some make-up on. That’s all it was. But it really hit closer to my notion of ‘normal men’.

I then realised that we have built a large comfort zone within ourselves that we choose not to ever leave. There is always a choice. I have a choice of not wanting to explore this fear in me; of not meeting people who make me comfortable. But maybe this is my blessing and my curse that I simply cannot ignore this.

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves. I sometimes think that I am a hipster in a closet. So why does a fear exist in seeing people dress differently than what I am used to? 

We don’t have to accept everything but at least I have one less unknown to fear.


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